Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Luxury Photography Experience

When choosing a photographer, I know you have an abundance of options. And if you’ve ever worked with a professional photographer before, it can be a little overwhelming to choose one that fits your style.

So what makes me different than any other photographer in the North Florida area?

Two words: Luxurious Experience

I’ll walk you through what a luxury photography experience with me looks like, so you aren’t left wondering what sets me apart. You might even be convinced that it’s time for some updated portraits of yourself (and a little pampering too.)

Three studio portrait photography sessions. One young lady, One lady in a yellow dress, one couple.

My journey into the world of portrait photography

My photography journey started in 2014 as a fundraiser, in pursuit of the adoption of my daughter. I wanted to have a way to give back to our community and chose to do that with photography. What started as a hobby, then became a fundraiser, and has now transformed into my full-time career! I still pinch myself that capturing special moments for people is MY JOB!

SarahVi and her family in photograph outside in woods

As I continued my path into photography, I realized there was so much more I could learn, which was exciting! Initially, I photographed everything from newborns to weddings. But when I found an education platform by Sue Bryce, a worldwide well-known portrait photographer, everything changed.

Not only was I learning more about perfecting a portrait, controlling lighting, and posing for specific body types, I was falling in love with single-person portraiture. Learning how to capture the very essence of a person and their personality through emotional imagery, had me hooked!

I still challenge myself with new techniques I learn and have photoshoots with couples in the studio and occasionally a family. I’m also really enjoying photographing men in the studio as well.

Black and White Moody portrait of man in studio photography

Brand Photography of a man in suit in studio photography

Branding headshot of man in studio photography

Continuing Education is Crucial in Photography

In the digital age we’re living in, everything changes so rapidly. We all experience this when we get a new cell phone. Before we blink, a newer version is on the market. The same thing applies to photography.

While the basic fundamentals remain the same, camera equipment, lighting gear, editing software, and ordering software for prints are constantly evolving. One thing that sets me apart is that I choose every day to continue to learn and improve. Not only for myself but for the portraits I create for my clients!

Portrait editing is one way that sets me apart from my competition. I have spent years developing my own signature skill set and editing style, which is unmatched throughout the Northern Florida area.

I’m in a local business networking group and I get to meet weekly with like-minded peers. We challenge each other during these meetings, which has helped me grow and really think more critically about what my client experience is like.

Not only do I provide clients with a pampered session (I only take one client per day, so they are never rushed), but I also deliver magazine-style images to reflect their experience. I always want to ensure my clients' vision is captured without making them feel rushed. It's the "SarahVi Way."

Three studio portraits taken by SarahVi Photography

So what’s in it for you?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, SarahVi. That’s great and all, but what’s any of this have to do with me?”

Well, as a potential client, it means that I hold myself to a high degree of professionalism. It means I’ve learned to light and pose in flattering ways for different body types. It means that I take any concerns you might have about being in the spotlight and put you at ease. It’s all wrapped up in my luxurious client experience.

Woman in pink gown with fabric gathered on floor. Beautiful portrait by SarahVi.

Luxurious Photography Experience - Only by SarahVi

Let’s set the scene of what your session could look like with me, shall we?

You and I have discussed (in detail) the vision you have for your portrait session, and the day of your shoot has finally arrived!

I greet and welcome you into the studio. I introduce you to your personal hair and makeup artists and hand you a beautiful plush robe. While you’re settling in, I bring you a french press latte, that I’ve handmade just for you.

While you’re sipping on your latte, we walk over to the client wardrobe so you can choose the gown or gowns you’d like to wear. We sit together and chat while your hair and makeup team make sure every detail is camera-ready.

Guys, I didn’t forget about you. While I don’t have a wardrobe of suits to choose from, you’re absolutely welcome to have the same pampering a woman would have. You can also choose to have a hair and makeup artist and wear the plush robe if you want! Some men do like to wear a bit of foundation, to even out their skin tones and reduce oil shine. Your portrait experience (regardless of gender) is specifically designed with you in mind.

When hair and makeup are complete, you change into the wardrobe of your choice and we begin crafting your vision to life. Any nervousness you felt before you arrived has completely vanished. You and I feed off of each other’s ideas to create a portrait session that is unique and tailored just for you.

As the session comes to an end, you realize that this day has been more than a photoshoot - it’s been an experience. You feel at ease and exhilarated! You feel like you stepped into a spa for one (yes, please!)

You leave my studio feeling nurtured, pampered, relaxed, excited, and empowered! You wonder why you waited so long to treat yourself in the first place.

And that, my friend, is exactly how I designed SarahVi Photography. What started as a fundraiser, became my passion. I designed my studio experience with you in mind. I always aim to provide a safe, inviting, and welcoming space for you to step into your power and create beautiful portraits that you will treasure for years to come.

black and white portrait of woman staring into camera with blonde hair

After the session personal care

After your session, you will come back to the studio to view your images. There is never a minimum order required, you only purchase what you love! This is a very hands-on experience, just like the session.

I can help you decide what size portraits or statement pieces you want for your home. I know this can be difficult to go through by yourself, which is why I offer my expertise in helping you choose. I can make recommendations for your home based on the size and dimensions of your walls and furniture. Upon request, I also offer in-person wall hanging of statement piece portraits in your home and home delivery.

Working with me is truly a white-glove experience. Luxurious and tailored to meet and exceed your expectations.



I’m located in Crawfordville, FL, and serve clientele from Tallahassee, Thomasville, North Florida, and Georgia.

If you’re interested in a photography session, send me an email and we’ll find a time to have a consultation!

Email: hello@sarahviphotography.com