What Should I Expect to Spend on Photos? 

Your overall investment will depend on the type of session you choose and how many/what types of products you order. At the very minimum, you will spend $150 for a portrait session. That will only cover time and talent and does not include any tangible items or digital files. You should however, expect and be prepared to invest $400 to $1000 when commissioning my services for portrait photography.


I highly recommend a fully styled look for your session. Remember, these are not everyday snapshots. You will be displaying these portraits in your home as art. You are already investing in your session and should want to be fully satisfied with how you look in the photos; even if this involves a shopping trip for new outfits. I will help you plan outfit ideas and color schemes during your consultation. Even the small details are important!


                                                                       DO YOU HAVE A STUDIO?

I do not own a commercial space. I do have a dedicated spot in my home where studio shots can be arranged for particular sessions.


                                                             WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PRINTS?

Your prints and products are from various industry-leading professional printing labs. I carefully selected each vendor for the highest quality available for each type of product. The labs that I utilize are not available to the consumer market and exclusively serve professional photographers. I NEVER use a discount or consumer printing service for any product, as I pride myself in providing only quality items above and beyond what you can get yourself elsewhere. You can be assured that your products are designed to withstand time and stay true with age; this is why it is so important to commission a full-service photographer.


                               HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECEIVE MY PRINTS & PRODUCTS?

I know you are anxiously waiting to see your photos and products and I can't wait to show them to you! A lot of time and effort goes into the quality of your finished products. Please expect between 3-6 weeks after your scheduled session to receive your final images.