Does it cost to be a Brand Ambassador?

 Brand Ambassadors do not have to pay any more than a regular client to be part of the program. 

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What is a Brand Amassador?

A Brand Ambassador is a high school or

college senior (or teen) who:

~ Is interested in modeling and creating some awesome images during photoshoots 

~Participates in a custom individual session

AND stylized group shoots 

~Represents SarahVi Photography at their

school and among their friends 

~Desires to make a positive impact in their


~Wants to meet  and make new friends 

What are the requirements?

Brand Ambassadors are teens or seniors. that are comfortable in front of the camera. You don't have to be a "model" or the model type to apply or participate. All body types are welcome! But, most importantly I desire those that love to have fun and have a positive attitude!

Talk to me about the perks!

I'm so glad you asked!!

I treat my Ambassadors well because you, as an Ambassador, will be representing SarahVi Photography.

Soooo... you'll have access to some pretty sweet perks! Not only do you get to participate in a custom photo session, you also get access to some pretty amazing group sessions. Ambassadors may also receive perks such as: gift cards (Starbucks, anyone?!), product credit, discounted future sessions, and MORE! You'll even receive a mobile app with your session images to share with your friends on social media, etc!The more friends you refer, the greater the perks!

As a Brand Ambassador, you will participate in an individualized custom senior shoot, also having the opportunity to participate in tons of fun extra group shoots with the other Brand Ambassadors throughout the year. It's a great chance to make new friends and just have some fun in front of the camera. Oh, and did I mention having your images submitted for national image contests and local publication as well as the opportunity for editorial write-ups?! I LOVE to brag on my Ambassadors, their plans for the future and how they are making a difference in our world today.


Brand Ambassadors for SarahVi Photography will be given at least two chances throughout the year to participate in community GiveBack Days. This is something that we can choose and decide on as a team. This generation needs strong women and men who can give encouragement younger teens and provide them someone to look up to!